Specifications Book

Technical specifications

  • Runs at least on PHP 5.1.3 for the scripting, and MySQL for the database (version 4 or 5)
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2 compliant.
  • Must be totally accessible, for users that don't have Javascript enabled, for blind users, etc... would be the best if it's AAA valid.
  • For users that have Javascript enabled, we'll use Mootools to use effects, AJAX and some plugins in the pages.
  • Manages multiples languages and themes.
  • Themes are 100% done with CSS, without any XHTML. This may be considered as a limitation, but that's not a stop : the layout can be easily modified with pure CSS, and you may be surprised how many things you can change with just CSS (see CSS Zen Garden for example). This is a deliberate choice : with this method we're sure that the XHTML code will always stay clear, and we'll have a better performance (full templating systems are performance-heavy).

"Social" functions

  • Categories are replaced with tags ; ability to have a tag cloud, etc...
  • Share options
  • Notations and favorites for the pages
  • Better interwikis linking (for your own sites, or with Wikipedia, other Wiking sites).
  • API to share and get the pages, if you want to (depending of your pages' license)
  • Real discussion system, with multiple discussions, threaded messages... done simple (not like MediaWiki / Wikipedia, where it's a simple wiki page).
  • Complete media support : in addition to the classic images, you may now send videos, audio or documents that you can add straight into the page or as attachments.

Javascript and AJAX functions

  • An exceptional Javascript editor ; using Mootools and its InlineEdit plugin, just click 3 times in the page to edit it ; a bar will appear at the top of the page, with formatting options. View instantly your formatting, drag images and medias and resize them to change the disposition, everything live, without reloading. Edit, click OK, check the previsualisation, and you have edited.
  • Live search into pages and media
  • Upload multiple medias live (requires Flash)
  • Boxes and effects when requiring content (like comments, revision lists...)
  • Events watcher in live (like Digg Spy), when a page is created or modified, a comment made, user logged in or out...

Thanks to SourceForge for the SVN and website hosting !

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